Dealer Opportunities

We are looking for qualified distributors, within North America and the rest of the world, to market our products. If you are interested in becoming a distributor please contact us today!

MrLampshops Inc is the pioneering wholesale company that introduced these lamps to the North American market almost a decade ago.

We are still, proudly, the company that offers the largest array of colors and sizes in the continent!












30 puzzle pieces per pack, available in 8 different sizes, 3 different materials
and dozens of different colors!

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The jigsaw puzzle lamp is an award-winning Danish design that allows the person that assembles it to create an incredible array of shapes and color combinations.

The 30-piece kits look like decks of cards that are easy to ship, store and inventory. The assembled pieces are incredibly eye-catching and colorful, which makes them easy to display and sell.

The lamp shades created with these jigsaw puzzle pieces can be, as small as a Christmas-tree- ornament-sized ball, up to a whopping almost 4-foot diameter sphere!

These lamps can be displayed indoors or all-seasons outdoors, since their polycarbonate material is heat-resistant, completely weatherproof, washable… and 100% recyclable!

We also offer a 100% money back guarantee against defects on all our lamps. You are buying product of the highest quality that your customers will enjoy for years and years!

Imagine the possibilities… and give us a call!